Change and innovation with the combination of Strategic Design & Business Psychology.

MSc Organisational and Business Psychology, University of Liverpool

MA Visual Communication, MOME

Brain-based Coach Certificate, NeuroLeadership Institute

I specialise in leadership development and consumer behaviour understanding to design innovative brands, businesses and teams based on a human-centred approach. I focus on strategic work at the intersection of business, psychology and design. I relentlessly seek to discover what drives motivation and how people make decisions. I believe that creativity is the heart of growth, and tend to challenge the ways we lead and shape creativity to differentiate and drive business results.

I lead and facilitate clients, organisations and teams through positive change. I am engaged in coaching organisations to develop their organisational culture and behaviour through new ways of leading and working.

I work as the Chief Experience Officer at Mirum Agency, a global digital and innovation company. As a CXO, I’m responsible for leading strategy, creative, and design to build experiences spanning from digital to physical and social. Previously, I have been working as a Creative Director in the advertising industry and have lead cross-functional teams at international agencies.

I am awarded the degree of MSc Organisational and Business Psychology from the University of Liverpool and hold an in-depth knowledge of behavioural aspects of organisational design and leadership. In my view, behavioural economics and the study of cognitive and social psychology hold a crucial role in understanding people and developing thriving businesses. I also trained brain-based coaching skills at the NeuroLeadership Group, an international organisation famous for its neuroscience-based methodology. I use brain-based coaching tools in developing my teams and client relationships alike, and I believe this facilitates a positive change in how we approach design. I am a natural presenter and speaker, engaged in exploring design education as well as conducting academic research about organisation design, leadership and innovation.

What excites me the most: leadership development, strategic design process, organisation design, complexity leadership, team productivity, innovation design, business psychology, designing for strategic resilience

See below my writings about innovation, organisational behaviour and design thinking.

Besides being a strategic designer, I am an award winning fashion and fine art photographer, and I have been collaborating with several international art galleries and prestigious magazines. I hold an MA in Visual Communications from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest.

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